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By Player1 5 August 2016 22:27

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Establishing a "standard" field size and bunker sets seems to be the most important thing on people's minds.

How has testing gone for everyone?

What bunker sizes do you use?
What size field do you use? PSP? NPPL? - What are the real dimensions (some years vary in size) and what pixel sizes do you use?

Maybe we make a new thread after this one as a F.A.Q. and further discussion.

Question for Jer- What is the max size of a field? I ran into this when trying to make a giant field and the server wouldn't load the map.


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By Jer 6 August 2016 01:48

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Right now the field editor is purposely built to be "open." This way map makers can make any type of map they want and create any field gameplay/experience they want. PSP, NPPL, Rec-Ball, etc. and maybe even new map types like castle attack/defend, city, urban, etc. Pretty much there isn't a standard so you can set any "standard" you want for your own maps.

But if you want a basic guideline to make "good feeling maps" we suggest using the defaults for the field size and default for bunker sizes.

Default field size info: 1800px x 1000px equates to 180 ft x 100 ft for field sizes; basically 10 pixels per 1 ft and you can adjust from there. I use this personally as my default for 5v5 and 7v7, I've also been using 1440x720 for the 3-man fields just because "it feels right" not necessarily because it's accurate to anything.

You should be able to build any field dimensions accurately enough knowing the 10 pixels per 1 ft rule.

*The default resolution also equates to very close to 1080p rendering (1920x1080) which I like to stay close to for best gameplay performance (so it doesn't kill your FPS)... if you make a field size 5000x5000 it could be crashing the server on load, and even if it did run it you'd probably be getting very low FPS playing it. I'm also not sure what max "stable"field  size would be either, it's unknown at this point. smile

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By Jer 8 February 2017 04:21

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Field editor recently updated with Default sizes for many field types! … editor.php

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