Slow Down Issues


By Player1 10 August 2016 20:49

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A few of us have been experiencing slow down issues, especially in sight lines.

Let's keep track of the discussion here but maybe we sticky a Troubleshooting thread when Jer gets back.


Liquorbox69 15 FPS DURING GAME PLAY 100+ WHEN OUT...

Lloren Yes liquor, you have mentioned.... as i can not replicate it would be nice to have more information....

Lloren does it happon on all maps and game modes? is it only sightlines? 7v7?

Liquorbox69 no it happens in all maps/ gameplay worse off in the deathmatchs and 7v7 fields

Player1 I just tried it out- It must be the sightlines feature. Other maps are running fine but they do seem to have a hiccup every once in a while. I also remember other fields having slow down issues before doing this test.

Player1 Maybe the overall environment is experiencing slow down and the sightline feature just brings it to light.

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By Jer 26 August 2016 19:45

Administrator · 6 comments

Sightlines has been confirmed to have a new issue (only in chrome btw), and we finally tracked it down to mouse clicking and movement. It basically tanks FPS down to 1 if you click and hold in sightlines mode. Chrome must have updated something on their end that is conflicting with our game, in the mean time use Firefox.

For all other slow down issues, we recently changed server providers and upgraded the server as well. It's also in a new/better central U.S. location (Dallas, TX.) So far results have been excellent and the game feels fantastic again.

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